What is FCS Project?

FCS(Fashion Coordinate Support) Project aims to provide an audio-aided tools to visually impaired people, who have difficulties choosing clothes by themselves, and to offer a system to encourage them to enjoy fashion and going out.

Everyone wishes to enjoy fashion!

Getting dressed appropriately for various settings is a natural desire to be part of the society. Currently, however, there are no services to support visually impaired people. Below are some of their comments:

<Voices of Visually Impaired People>
- Since it became difficult to be properly dressed, I have been going out less than before.
- I do not go out that much anymore since it became difficult for me to enjoy fashion.
- I believed I bought the clothe of my favorite color, but it turned out to be of different color.
- I was wearing a suit with a jacket and pants in ill-assorted colors.
- I am always worried if I am dressed appropriately.

These are just a few examples of visually impaired people- amblyopia or to ally blind people.

Our challenge is to respond to those voices by using ICT technology.
In this project, we will use IC tags to memorize cloth information and accompanying application. IC tags can be easily attached to clothes, and by using a dedicated smartphone, cloth information can be “written” and “read out”.

img1_2_What is FCS Project



  • IC Tags:
    An IC tag is a device not needing electric power.
    In FCS project, we use heat and water resistant IC tags, which can be washed and ironed. It’s round-shaped, looking like a button, 2 cm in diameter and 2 mm in thickness, with two small holes of 1 mm in the center, so that it can be sawed to a cloth. We call this IC tag “FC Tag (Fashion Coordinate Tag)” in this project.

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