Application for Supporters

We would like to ask supporters to provide assistance to visually impaired people who visit their stores for shopping or tag sewing services so that they can communicate with you more smoothly.

Description of the Supporter App

The Supporter App is designed for both smartphones and tablets, and has the following three functions:

1. Communication Function
img6_Communication FunctionAn FC App user (visually impaired person) will show the information saved in their App such as favorite colors or favorite combinations of their own clothing.
2. Coordination Creation Functionimg7_Coordination Creation FunctionShop assistants can suggest outfits to the user by combining new purchases with clothing already registered in the FC App.


3. Tag Registration Function
img8_Tag Registration FunctionSupporters can register clothing information by installing the FC Support App on their smartphone and using it to scan the FC Tag on the clothing.

The following page demonstrates the FC App shopping experience, illustrating how new clothing is purchased in a store.

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