Experience App for Shops

This page illustrates how FCS App works in a store.

img9_Show the information of owned clothes

① Showing the information of owned clothes:
A customer who has the User App can share the contents of their clothing collection with the shop assistant. If the store has an FC Supporter enabled tablet, clothing information can displayed, sharing with the staff member their favorite colors or favorite outfits. This will help the shop clerk to understand the customer’s taste. This will also save the customer the trouble of bringing clothes to coordinate with new purchases, and saves the time required to explain their taste to the assistant.
-> Experience the App to share the information of the owned clothing

img10_Share colors with image words
② Share colors with image words
A shop assistant attends to the customer, looking at the shared clothing information.
We have prepared an Image Word App to share colors. The app describes the impression the color coordination gives to other people.
This app can be used to suggest solutions to the customer’s needs.

We are currently inviting retail clothing stores or shopping facilities to participate in the project as App Supporters. Please see the next page for details.

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