Service Chain

FCS Project aims at supporting visually impaired people not only to buy clothes, putting them in order them and wear them, but also to participate in social activities such as enjoy talking with friends or going shopping. In the regard, FCS Project aims to establish a service chain, in collaboration with clothes shops in town and welfare facilities, in addition to experts such as color coordinators and stylists.

img5_Service Chain

1) App Supporter
Those who will support visually impaired people using the App.
Main tasks will be to “sew down IC Tags to clothes” and “register clothes information”. Supporters can use the app in a way that suits their own situation.

welfare facilities, volunteersprovide services to the clothes the user already owns
large scale shopping malls
clothes retail shops
provide services to the clothes the user newly purchases
color coordinators,
- suggest coordinations using registered information
- go shopping with the user

2) App Users
App users are visually impaired people, who have difficulties confirming colors or patterns of clothes. Please enjoy dressing the clothes with IC Tags and the dedicated App.
IC Tags are designed for users to put on the clothes or saving information by themselves.

3) Community
FCS Project aims at not only temporary supports such as purchasing, putting in order and wearing clothing, but also aims providing places and occasions where visually impaired people can go, dressed up, or exchange information on fashion. In other words, one of the objectives of FCS Project is to create a community, comprised of virtual community on Internet such as SNS and real community where users gather and actually talk.
Please imagine, for example – a professional stylist suggests some coordinations based on your clothes information, or, share the shop information where you find a favorite coordination, or send your feedback to the shop you made a purchase or receive information of newly arrived item from the shop … Don’t you feel you will be able to enjoy fashion more and more?


Compared with other supporting devices so far

There have been some welfare devices to tell colors and patterns of clothes to visually impaired people, but their functions were limited such as giving color information only or some devices asked for the burden on the user himself/herself, such as recoding clothes characteristics by the user.
In this ICT society, more and more visually impaired people are starting to use smart phones. Share as much as you can, so that the burden of one person becomes smaller and smaller. Little bit of support by everyone will help us achieve the community where “enjoying fashion is easy and handy” to those “who have always wanted to enjoy fashion but it was too difficult to do by himself/herself alone”.

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