Application which Visually Impaired People Use

FCS Project provides dedicated smartphone app “FC App (Fashion Coordinate App)” , an audio support tool for visually impaired people.

See each function in details.

1. Read-out-loud Function

img2_Read-out-loud Function Touch the button-shaped IC tag (FC Tag) on the cloth and the app reads out the information you’d like to learn, such as the colors and patterns of the cloth.

Such information needs visual confirmation, so to visually impaired people, it is very difficult to check by themselves. The app reads out loud such information, so that visually impaired people can also share the information.


2. Coordination Search Function

アプリ機能_img02Clothes with FC Tags will be registered in data respectively, and stored in the app, so that coordinations of clothes can also be registered. You can search the coordination when needed, so more coordinations you register, more you can enjoy dressing appropriately according to the occasions and places.

Coordinate Information can be read out loud, if you touch the FC Tag with your smartphone. You can decide if its the one you need for the coordination easily. img3_Coordination Search Function

As the information of clothes and coordinations already registered is registered in the app, you can also share it with other people. For example, if you are looking for some cloth which goes well with the one you already have, detailed information of the cloth you own (photo image, size, color, pattern, etc.) can easily be shared with the shop clerk while shopping, so you do not need to bring your cloth to the shop.


3. Storage Location Guidance Function
img4_Storage Location Guidance FunctionYou can also register the locations where you put your clothes by using FC Tags on your clothes.
It is very important to put clothes in regular places. People without any visual problems can look for the clothes even if they forget where they put their clothes, but to visually impaired people, it’s not easy to search. So some people put the coordinated clothes in one place, or some prepare hangers with Braille labels and make sure they return the clothes to the same place. Visually impaired people invent their own ways to learn where the desired clothes are stored.


This is how our system works: First, an IC sticker tag is attached to an easy-to-reach spot in your closet. Then, after touching your smartphone to the FC tag on your clothing, touch again to the IC tag attached to your closet. This registers the item of clothing to that location. You can change the location as many times as you like .



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